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Message from the P&FM editors to our ad hoc reviewers

Article information

Precis Future Med. 2021;5(2):49-49
Publication date (electronic) : 2021 June 29
doi : https://doi.org/10.23838/pfm.2021.00065


We are very grateful to our family of reviewers who have performed this critical work on our behalf. These reviewers not only have been of inestimable help in assessing the merit of articles but also, by their careful analysis, critique and their general and specific constructive recommendations, have often greatly enhanced the value of these manuscripts. We express our deepest appreciation to the following colleagues, who have given us generous and invaluable help as manuscript reviewers during the past publication year (January 2020 through May 2021). P&FM thanks the following reviewers.

Byeong Ho, Jeong

Chan Hyuk, Park

Chang Hee, Jung

Deog-Gon, Cho

Dohun, Kim

Dong Kwan, Kim

Dongwon, Shin

Eun Kyoung, Kim

Gyeong-Moon, Kim

Helen, Hong

Hye Yun, Park

Hyuck Jae, Choi

Hyung Keun, Park

Jae Yeol, Kim

Jaeil, Kim

Jae-Seung, Jeong

Jee Hoon, Sohn

Jeong Hoon, Kim

Ji Won, Lee

Jin San, Lee

Jin Woo, Song

Jong Won, Chung

Jong-Soo, Lee

Jong-Young, Lee

Jung Hee, Shin

Jung Ho, Park

Junsun, Ryu

Kee-Ho, Lee

Ki Seok, Choo

Kyeong-Tae, Lee

Kyong-Je, Woo

Kyung-Nam, Koh

Mi Ji, Lee

Philhyu, Lee

Soo Hyun, Cho

Sukki, Cho

Sun Hye, Shin

Sung Hoon, Kang

Sung Il, Jung

Sung Noh, Hong

Tae-Won, Park

Woo-Keun, Seo

Yang-Ha, Hwang

Young Eun, Gil

Young Ho, Kim

Yun Joong, Kim

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