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Message from the P&FM Editors to our ad hoc Reviewers

Article information

Precis Future Med. 2020;4(1):1-1
Publication date (electronic) : 2020 March 13
doi : https://doi.org/10.23838/pfm.2020.00051


All papers submitted for publication in Precision and Future Medicine (P&FM) undergo peer review. P&FM papers have at least two ad hoc reviewers. We highly appreciate P&FM ad hoc reviewers listed below. Listed below are the reviewers who completed reviews up to December 2019. All reviewers gave feedback and guidance on previous P&FM manuscripts. They largely represent the voice and opinion of P&FM about articles and gave direction to P&FM authors for further improvement. Without their support, we would be unable to maintain the quality of the papers in P&FM, because P&FM covers various fields, including translational drug discovery, precision medicine, regenerative medicine, and novel diagnostic methods and medical devices.

Article information Continued

Cheol-In, Kang Jung-Ryul, Kim Sung Noh, Hong
Dongryul, Oh Jungwook, Hwang Sung Yong, Oh
Eun Hee, Kim Kwang-Yeol, Park Tae Jun, Kim
Geun Dong, Lee Kyu Yeon, Hur Tae Sung, Kim
Gyeong-Moon, Kim Mi Ae, Jang Tae Wook, Kang
Hee Jung, Son Mi Ji, Lee Tong In, Oh
Ho jae, Bae Mira, Park Won-Jung, Koh
Ho Jun, Seol Mirae, Lee Woo-Keun, Seo
Ho Yeong, Lim Myoung-Hwan, Ko Yeo Jin, Kim
Hong Ryull, Pyo Myung-Jin, Chung Yesel, Kim
Hyuk, Lee Myung-Ju, Ahn Yon Ju, Ryu
Hyung Jun, Kim Sang Yun, Ha Yong Han, Paik
Jaehwan, Kim Se hoon, Lee Yong Il, Shin
Jeon Yeob, Jang Se Hoon, Park Yong Jae, Kim
Jihyung, Park Semin, Chong Yong Kee, Kim
Jin Oh, Choi Semin, Lee Yong-Soo, Kwon
Jin San, Lee Seong-Beom, Koh Yongwan, Lim
Jin Young, Youn Seung Hoi, Koo Yoon Kyung, Kim
Jiwon, Hwang Seung Tae, Kim Young kyu, Moon
Jong Mu, Sun Silvia, Park Young min, Eun
Jong Won, Chung Soo-Jin, Kim Young Saing, Kim
Jong Won, Kim Soon Il, Lee Youngyih, Han
Jong Wook, Chang Su Jin, Lee Yu-Shik, Hwang
Ju-Hong, Min Suk-Kyung, Lim
Jun Ho, Jang Sung A, Chang